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Indonesia Virtual Phone Numbers: A Guide

Virtual phone numbers are becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia for businesses looking to establish a local presence without the costs of physical phone lines. Here is a comprehensive guide on how Indonesia virtual phone numbers work and what are it’s key benefits.

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What is a Virtual Number in Indonesia?

A virtual phone number in Indonesia works just like a standard Indonesian phone number for receiving calls and texts. However, it is not connected to a phone line.

The number is hosted on cloud telecommunication platforms and forwards incoming calls to linked phones and devices over the internet. This allows businesses abroad to have a local Indonesian number and phone presence.

Local Presence

Get an Indonesian number with a local area code even if you are based abroad. This helps project a local image.

Keep Personal Number Private

Use your virtual number as a business line to keep your personal number private.


Route calls to your devices wherever you are. As long as you have internet, you can answer calls to your Indonesia number from anywhere.

Cost Savings

Avoid expensive call forwarding and roaming charges. Virtual numbers are more cost effective.


Easily add or remove Indonesia virtual numbers as your business scales up or down.

Improved Customer Service

Define separate numbers for sales, support etc. This helps segment and direct customer calls better.

Getting a Virtual Number in Indonesia

Getting an Indonesia virtual number set up is quick and easy:


Select a Provide

Research providers like LocalPhone, Skype, or Vonage that offer Indonesia numbers.

Choose Number

Pick an available number with a local Indonesian area code of your choice.

Link Devices

Forward your virtual number to your primary device(s).

Configure Features

Set up call routing, voicemail, SMS and other features.

Start Using

You're ready to make and receive calls through your new Indonesia number!

Most providers operate on flexible pay-as-you-go models with no long-term commitments required. You can get new number allocations rapidly.

Use Cases of Indonesia Virtual Numbers

Indonesia virtual phone numbers enable several important business use cases:

Startups & SMEs

Early-stage Indonesian companies can establish a professional presence with Indonesia virtual phone numbers until they scale up.

Sales & Support

Forward Indonesian customer calls to your sales and support teams in various global locations.

Part-time Consultants

Indonesian consultants and freelancers can use Indonesia virtual phone numbers that forward calls when they are available.

Customer Service

Set up a virtual Indonesian toll-free number that routes to your customer service centers abroad.

Events & Conferences

Indonesia virtual phone numbers are useful for promoting events held in the country to local audiences.

Remote Teams

Virtual numbers provide a local identity allowing remote teams to collaborate effectively.

Job Applications

Use virtual numbers on Indonesia job listings to screen applicants anonymously.

Choosing a Reliable Provider

With many providers available, how do you pick the right one for an Indonesia virtual number? Here are key factors:

Number Coverage

Look for extensive coverage of Indonesian area codes from major cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, etc.

Call Quality

Opt for providers with modern voice-over-IP networks for clear call quality.


The platform should make adding and managing multiple virtual numbers easy.

Porting Ability

Can you port existing Indonesian mobile/landline numbers over?

Customer Support

Responsive customer support in case of any issues or queries.

Value for Money

Compare price points across providers to get the best bang for your buck. By evaluating these parameters, you can identify the most suitable virtual number provider for your Indonesia requirements.

Getting Indonesia Virtual Numbers with Ace Peak

Ace Peak offers top-class virtual numbers to establish a local presence in Indonesia. Here’s what makes them a great choice:

Fraud Call Protection

Extensive Number Coverage

Get virtual mobile and landline numbers across Indonesia with popular area codes.

Clear Call Quality

The network provides crisp audio on inbound and outbound Indonesia virtual phone number calls.

Unlimited Calling

Select plans come with unlimited calling to Indonesian mobiles and landlines.

Dedicated Account Rep

Get specialized assistance from knowledgeable account representatives.

Automatic Top-Up

Never miss a call. Auto-top up balances ensure no business disruption.

Number Porting

Port your existing Indonesian number over to Ace Peak in a few business days.

Easy Web & Mobile App

Manage your Indonesia virtual number easily via AcePeak’s mobile and web apps.

Fair Billing

No hidden charges or surprise fees. Just clear cut monthly billing.

Indonesia Virtual Phone numbers

Get Your Indonesia Virtual Number Now!

Ready to establish a local presence in Indonesia? Getting your Indonesia virtual phone number from Ace Peak takes just minutes.

Follow these simple steps:

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With Ace Peak’s virtual numbers, you can project a local image in Indonesia, separate business and personal lines, expand communication channels, and boost customer connections – all for a low cost.

Sign up now to get your Indonesia virtual phone number from Ace Peak and take your business global!

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