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Spain Virtual Phone Numbers: A Complete Guide

Virtual phone numbers are gaining popularity in Spain, allowing businesses abroad to establish a local presence without expensive phone infrastructure costs. This guide covers everything you need to know about acquiring and using virtual numbers in Spain.

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What are Spain Virtual phone Numbers?

A Spain virtual phone number works just like a standard Spanish phone number used for receiving calls and texts. However, it is not tied to a physical phone line.

These numbers are hosted on cloud-based Voice-over-IP (VoIP) platforms. When someone calls your Spain virtual number, it rings over the internet to your linked phones and devices anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Virtual Numbers in Spain

There are many advantages to getting a Spain virtual phone number for your business:

Local Presence

Get a Spanish number with a local area code, even if you don’t live in Spain. This helps project a local image.

Keep Personal Number Private

Use your virtual number as a business line to keep your personal number private.


Receive calls to your Spain number on any device globally if you have stable internet.

Cost Savings

Avoid expensive call forwarding and roaming charges with an online number.


Easily add or remove Spain virtual numbers to scale up or down.

Improve Customer Service

Set up dedicated virtual numbers for sales, support etc. to segment incoming calls.

Getting a Virtual Number in Spain

Getting a virtual number in Spain is quick and straightforward:

Enhance Business-Communication with Acepeak's Virtual Number Services

Select a Provider

Research providers like LocalPhone, Vonage, AcePeak, Nextiva that offer Spain numbers.

Choose Number

Pick an available Spanish number with a local area code of your choice.

Configure Features

Set up call routing, voicemail, SMS forwarding and other features.

Link Devices

Forward your new virtual number to your primary device(s).

Start Using

You’re ready to make and receive calls through the Spain virtual number!

Most providers operate on flexible pay-as-you-go models without long-term contracts. You can get new numbers allocated rapidly.

Use Cases for Spain Virtual Numbers

Spain virtual phone numbers enable several important business use cases:

  • Small Companies & Startups

Early-stage Spanish startups can establish a professional presence using virtual numbers.

  • Multi-national Sales Teams

 Forward calls from your Spain virtual number to sales teams in multiple global locations.

  • Recruitment & HR

Post Spain virtual numbers on job ads and application forms to screen candidates anonymously.

  • Short-term Projects

Get temporary virtual numbers for Spain-based projects that shut down after completion.

  • Seasonal Businesses

Spain tourism companies can acquire virtual numbers during peak seasons and release them after.

  • Remote Employees & Freelancers

Remote workers and freelancers can use Spain virtual numbers as their business line.

  • Events & Conferences

 Virtual numbers are great for promoting Spain events and conferences to local audiences.

Trusted Communication Solutions

The applications are endless!

Choosing a Reliable Spain Virtual Number Provider

With so many providers to choose from, how do you select the right one for your Spain virtual phone number? Here are key factors to consider:

Call Quality

Opt for providers which doesnt’ compromise on Call quality make sure the providers offer modern VoIP technologies and networks for clear audio quality on calls.

Number Portability

 Number Portability is one of the most important feature while choosing a provider. Check if you can port over an existing Spanish mobile or landline number.


The platform should make adding and removing virtual numbers easy as your needs change. So that your business gets the scalability and keeps on growing everyday.


 Who doesn’t like savings? Compare monthly and per-minute pricing across different providers and decide accordingly. Boom, You are saving a lot of money.

Customer Support

Responsive customer service is vital in case of any issues with the virtual number. There are few providers like Ace Peak investments who offer 24/7 Customer support

Feature Set

Evaluate available call routing, IVR, voicemail and SMS features.By evaluating these parameters, you can zero in on the ideal virtual number provider for your specific requirements in Spain.

Getting Spain Virtual Numbers with Ace Peak

Ace Peak is a top choice for Spain virtual phone numbers due to:

Spain Virtual Phone Number
  • Broad Number Coverage

    Get virtual mobile and landline numbers across Spain with popular area codes.

  • Crystal Clear Audio

    The robust network provides excellent call quality for inbound and outbound calls.

  • Seamless Number Porting

    Port your current Spanish number over to Ace Peak’s network smoothly.

  • Unlimited Calling Plans

    Some plans offer unlimited calling to Spanish mobiles and landlines.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Get personalized assistance from knowledgeable account managers.

  • Intuitive Web & Mobile Apps

    Manage your Spain virtual number easily through AcePeak’s apps.

  • Automatic Top-Ups

    Ensure you never miss a call. Auto-top up balances as needed.

  • Fair and Simple Billing

    No surprise fees or complex invoices. Just clear and reasonable monthly bills.

For reliable and affordable Spain virtual phone numbers, look no further than Ace Peak!

Get Your Spain Virtual Phone Number Now!

Ready to get your own virtual number in Spain? Signing up with Ace Peak takes just minutes.

1. Visit and click on the “Sign Up” button.

2. Select a plan based on number of virtual numbers and minutes required.

3. Enter your details and make secure payment.

4. Get your preferred Spain number from available local area codes.

5. Set up call forwarding to your devices.

With Ace Peak’s virtual numbers, you can establish a local presence in Spain, keep business and personal lines separate, efficiently route calls worldwide, and boost Spanish customer engagement – all for an affordable price.

Sign up now to get your Spain virtual phone number from Ace Peak! Take your business global with a local footprint in Spain.


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