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Terms And Conditions



This Subscription Services Agreement (“Agreement”) governs the usage of our services by our valued customers. This Agreement establishes the terms between the Customer (referred to as “Customer”),, and its affiliates (“”). Both and the Customer can be collectively referred to as a “Party” or “Parties.”

By clicking on the acceptance box, the Customer acknowledges and accepts this Agreement. Customer representatives are authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the Customer. If the Customer representative lacks such authority or disagrees with these terms, the Customer must decline this Agreement and refrain from using the service., its affiliates, and licensors are the rightful owners of all Subscription Services versions, including any accompanying documentation and software (referred to as “Service” or “Services”), and possess the licensing rights for their utilization. The Customer is granted a limited license to access and utilize the Service, subject to the terms outlined below. Subscription Services is a hosted solution that includes web-based access and the permission to utilize supported applications, along with their related reference, user, and technical guides. Access to the Service may be restricted for customers by’s direct competitors unless has provided prior written consent.

When the Customer accepts or uses the Service, both and the Customer agree to be bound by this Agreement. reserves the right to modify the terms of this Agreement at its discretion.

This Agreement supersedes any terms and conditions associated with Customer purchase orders for the procurement of Service(s).


Acepeak grants Customer a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license for its authorized users to access and use the Acepeak services per the terms of this Agreement. Acepeak services may only be used for lawful business purposes.


This Agreement begins when Customer purchases Acepeak services and continues month-to-month unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing. Either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time upon written notice.


Acepeak will provide Customers with subscription-based access to its communication platform and related services as described on the Acepeak website and purchasing portal. Acepeak may modify its service offerings upon 30 days prior written notice or as required by law.


4.1 Compliance. The customer is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws regarding the receipt, resale, and use of Acepeak services. The customer will maintain all required licenses and registrations.

4.2 Passwords. The customer is responsible for password confidentiality and all activities under its account. The customer will promptly notify Acepeak of any unauthorized access.

4.3 Data Privacy. The customer is responsible for compliance with data privacy laws governing the collection, use, and processing of customer data.

4.4 End Users. If applicable, the Customer is responsible for its end users, including solicitation, credit-worthiness, billing, and collections.

4.5 Acceptable Use. Customers will use Acepeak services only for lawful purposes and not to transmit unlawful, harassing, or objectionable content. Acepeak may immediately suspend services in response to any violation of this provision.


5.1 charges. Customers will pay Acepeak the fees set forth on its website and purchasing portal. Applicable taxes will be invoiced separately.

5.2 Billing and Payment. Acepeak will invoice the Customer in advance every month. Payment is due within 7 days.

5.3 Non-Payment. Acepeak may suspend services for non-payment. Outstanding amounts will remain due upon termination.

5.4 Cancellation Policy

Customers may cancel their subscriptions at any time. However, customers remain responsible for paying all monthly fees for the remainder of the current subscription term. does not provide refunds for unused subscription fees if a subscription is canceled early.

5.5 Final Charges

Customers agree to pay the final monthly recurring fee when a subscription is canceled. Customers will receive a prorated credit for any unused days in the final month. The final monthly recurring fee will be charged for any canceled subscription.

5.6 Fees

  • Late Payment Fees: reserves the right to charge a late fee of 1.5% per month on overdue invoice amounts, up to the maximum allowed by law. may also charge reasonable administrative fees to process late payments.
  • Returned Payments: will charge a $50 fee for any returned checks, chargebacks, or other rejected payments.
  • Taxes: will invoice applicable taxes as required by law. Customers may provide a valid tax exemption certificate to waive taxes.
  • Compliance Fee: Pricing includes a 21.1% administrative fee to cover tax and regulatory compliance costs. This applies to subscriptions and usage fees.
  • Billing Disputes: Customers must notify of any billing disputes within 30 days of the invoice date. Disputes received after 30 days may be waived by the customer. will respond to timely dispute notices within 30 days.
  • Usage for Illegal Purposes: may immediately suspend services believed to violate applicable laws. reserves the right to charge a $ 1,500 fee for any law enforcement investigation related to a customer’s use of services.

5.7 Rate Adjustment Schedule: reserves the right to modify or discontinue certain service offerings in specific locations without prior notification to the Customer. In the case of Service offerings in Mexico, may make changes or withdrawals within a 24-hour notice period.

5.8 Final Charges: The Customer agrees to settle all monthly recurring fees for the last month of service. Upon termination of the service, the Customer will receive a prorated credit equivalent to the current month’s recurring fees. Canceled services will incur the final monthly recurring charge.

5.9 Taxes: will invoice the Customer for any Taxes mandated by law. If applicable, may request a valid tax exemption certificate from the Customer to exempt them from paying such Taxes. In cases where a taxing authority requires it, will invoice the Customer for these Taxes.

5.10 Compliance Fee: The pricing structure includes an administrative cost recovery fee designed to cover global tax and regulatory compliance expenses, referred to as the INTFEE. This INTFEE fee, set at 21.1%, applies to both monthly subscriptions and call traffic.

5.11 Disputes Concerning Billing: Any discrepancies in billing must be promptly reported to by the Customer within 30 days from the invoice date. If notice of a billing dispute is received after this period, may consider it waived. commits to responding to any billing discrepancy notice within 30 days.

5.12Governing Law and Dispute Resolution: In the event of any dispute, claim, or controversy (hereinafter referred to as “Controversy”) arising from or relating to this Agreement, including its formation, interpretation, breach, validity, or termination, the involved parties shall first communicate their concerns in writing to each other. The Parties agree to engage in sincere and good-faith negotiations to resolve the Controversy. If the Controversy remains unresolved after 30 calendar days from the date of the initial written notice, either party may choose to initiate binding arbitration or pursue litigation in any state or federal court located in Singapore. This Agreement explicitly excludes the application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Furthermore, this Agreement does not prevent either party from seeking immediate injunctive relief from any court with jurisdiction over the parties and the subject matter.

5.13 Suspension of Service: ACE PEAK retains the right to temporarily suspend or terminate all or part of the provided services. ACE PEAK shall only reinstate the service upon full payment of all outstanding fees and penalties, along with any additional assurances that demonstrate the Customer’s ability to meet payment obligations. If the Customer fails to make the required payment or address the conditions leading to service suspension within a reasonable period, as determined by ACE PEAK, ACE PEAK may choose to cancel the Agreement with the same effect.

5.14 30-Day Service Guarantee: All ACE PEAK services are covered by a 30-day service guarantee. If customers find themselves unsatisfied with the provided solution, they may cancel the services at any time within the initial 30 days. ACE PEAK will refund the monthly recurring fee (“MRC”) if the cancellation occurs within this 30-day service guarantee period. However, customers who cancel within the first 30 days will remain responsible for paying ACE PEAK for any ACE PEAK-owned equipment and/or licenses, as well as any applicable usage charges based on the number of minutes used.

5.15 Adding Services: Customers have the option to add additional services to their ACE account through authorized users who have been granted default authorization by the Customer. These authorized users may add services via the ACE web portal, by contacting customer service, or through their designated ACE account representative. By granting this authority, the Customer authorizes these authorized users to both add services to the Customer’s ACE PEAK account and commit the Customer to ongoing monthly payments for these services. ACE PEAK is also granted authorization by the Customer to collect the monthly payment from the Customer’s designated payment method. Please note that additional services may not be available for purchase in all cases.

5.16 Policy on Abuse: Customers are strictly prohibited from using ACE PEAK services for any unlawful purposes. The Services must not be employed in violation of any ACE PEAK operating rules, policies, or guidelines. This includes the prohibition of activities such as automated dialing or robocalling, card application abuse, or any unlawful use of the Services. ACE PEAK will fully cooperate with law enforcement authorities in the event of any criminal activity. ACE PEAK reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate Services if there is reason to believe that the Customer or its end-users are using the Service in a manner that hinders ACE PEAK service users or other products, or if there is suspicion of illegal use. Additionally, ACE PEAK reserves the right to charge the Customer $1500 for any law enforcement action (LEA) related to any Service provided by the Customer or its end user.

5.17 Additional Provisions:

  1. Numbers: The Customer affirms and guarantees that they possess all the necessary authority and licenses to use the Services with phone numbers without requiring consent from any third parties.
  1. Disallowed Content: The Customer further guarantees that neither they nor their end users will utilize or transfer any numbers for purposes such as SPAM, abusive messaging, or any actions that contravene applicable laws. This includes refraining from sending, transmitting, or engaging in prohibited content. ACE PEAK and its network operator providers reserve the right to block content related to:

– Payday loans

– Short-term, low-interest loans

– Auto loans

– Mortgage loans

– Student loans

– Debt collection

– Work-from-home programs

– High-risk investment opportunities

– Debt consolidation

– Debt reduction

– Credit repair programs

– Cannabis and illegal substances

– Phishing

– Fraud and scams

– Deceptive marketing tactics

The Customer acknowledges and agrees to comply with these content restrictions.


  1. Licenses and Legal Compliance:

   – The Customer must adhere to all laws and regulations.

   – They are responsible for obtaining licenses and approvals necessary for reselling 

    ACE PEAK’s Services.

   – ACE PEAK may request copies of these licenses and registrations.

   – Prompt notification is required if licenses are suspended, revoked, or terminated.

   – ACE PEAK, its affiliates, officers, employees, and suppliers are indemnified by the Customer for any costs, fees, or damages resulting from non-compliance.

   – ACE PEAK may terminate this Agreement if compliance requirements are not met.

  1. Resale of Service:

   – Customers can legally resell ACE PEAK’s Services.

   – Reselling is permitted under the Customer’s trade name and branding.

   – Use of ACE PEAK’s trademarks, service marks, and trade names requires written permission.

   – This Agreement refers to “End-Users” as customers after the Service is resold.

  1. Recording:

   – Some Services allow recording; customers must comply with applicable laws.

   – Obtaining and documenting consent is the Customer’s responsibility.

   – ACE PEAK disclaims liability for Customer-recorded content.

   – ACE PEAK may record and monitor communications for various purposes.

   – Customer grants ACE PEAK permission for such recording and monitoring.

  1. Fraudulent Calls:

   – The Customer is accountable for any costs or claims resulting from fraudulent calls.

   – ACE PEAK is held harmless from such expenses or actions.

  1. Indemnification:

   – ACE PEAK, its affiliates, employees, and suppliers agree to indemnify ACE PEAK and its directors and officers.

   – This indemnification extends indefinitely.

   – It includes any third-party providers involved in Service delivery.

   – ACE PEAK will hold ACE PEAK’s directors and officers harmless in such cases.


  1. End-User Accountability: The customer is accountable for their End-Users, encompassing activities such as solicitation, service requests, assessing creditworthiness, and managing billing matters. ACE PEAK shall be held harmless by the customer, including covering attorney’s fees, for any expenses arising from or connected to these responsibilities.
  1. End-User Fee Management: If applicable, should the customer be unable or unwilling to collect payments from their End-Users or enter into agreements involving billing adjustments for fraudulent charges, directory assistance, or any other credit-related issues, this shall not exempt the customer from their obligation to fulfill payment to ACE PEAK as stipulated in our agreement.


  1. Service Provision and Notifications: ACE PEAK will deliver the Services by the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. In the event of a service interruption, ACE PEAK commits to promptly informing the customer and providing any necessary information to restore the service. HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SERVICE IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. ACE PEAK, ALONG WITH ITS AFFILIATES AND LICENSORS, DOES NOT WARRANT THAT ANY SERVICE WILL MEET THE CUSTOMER’S SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS, THAT ANY SERVICE IS FREE FROM DEFECTS OR ERRORS, OR THAT ANY SERVICE WILL OPERATE WITHOUT INTERRUPTION. ACE PEAK explicitly disclaims all representations and warranties concerning the SERVICE, whether expressed or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-interference, non-infringement, and the accuracy of information content.
  2. Limitation of Liability: Neither party shall be held accountable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages or losses resulting from or related to the provision of Services under this Agreement. This encompasses damages stemming from lost revenues, profits, business opportunities, customer losses, goodwill, or profit diminishment. ACE PEAK’S MAXIMUM LIABILITY UNDER THIS AGREEMENT OR ANY RELATED MATTERS, AND THE CUSTOMER’S EXCLUSIVE REMEDY IN THE EVENT OF ANY DIRECT DAMAGES ARISING FROM THIS AGREEMENT, SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE FEES PAID TO ACE PEAK FOR THE PRECEDING THREE-MONTH PERIOD.
  3. Indemnification for Third-Party Claims: ACE PEAK will undertake the defense of any third party asserting that Customer Data or the Customer’s use of the Service infringes upon third-party patents, trade secrets, copyright rights, or other rights (“Claim”). However, the customer will be responsible for covering their expenses in (i) defending against the Claim and (ii) indemnifying ACE PEAK for any damages ultimately awarded to ACE PEAK based on the Claim.


The Customer acknowledges and agrees that our Services include an ‘over-the-top’ call-routing solution integrated with and reliant on the Customer’s underlying telephone system. Consequently, it is important to understand that emergency calls cannot be placed through our Services. E911 or 911 support is not available within the SERVICES. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that their agents, End-Users (if applicable), and all other Service users are informed that emergency calls cannot be initiated through our Service. ACE PEAK strongly advises Customers to establish alternative means for securing emergency services.


1. Termination for Default.

2. Termination Due to Non-Payment. ACE PEAK reserves the right to terminate this agreement if the Customer fails or refuses to remit any overdue payments.

3. Termination by Regulatory Authority. ACE PEAK may terminate the provision of Service in compliance with any court order or by order of a government or quasi-governmental agency.

4. Survival Clause. Termination of any Service license, agreement, or this Agreement will not release the Customer from their obligation to settle any outstanding charges for the current term. All rights and licenses granted by ACE PEAK upon the termination of a license, service, or agreement will cease, and the Customer must cease accessing and using the Service. Notably, termination will not affect the applicability of Sections 2, 4, 7, 11, 12, 13, and 14.


ACE PEAK, its affiliated entities, and licensors maintain full ownership of the Services, along with all associated intellectual property and proprietary rights. Any third-party software integrated into the Service is subject to copyright, trade secret, and applicable industrial laws for protection. ACE PEAK retains all rights, titles, and interests in the software, documentation, templates, questionnaires, methodologies, models, charts, reports, and other materials used to deliver the Services or provided to customers as a result of the Services (referred to as “Service Items”). Your access to and use of these items are governed by this Agreement. ACE PEAK reserves all rights that are not explicitly granted to the Customer under this Agreement.

Furthermore, ACE PEAK and/or its affiliates claim ownership of any Customer feedback concerning the functionality and performance of the Service (referred to as “Feedback”). The Customer hereby assigns all rights, titles, and interests in the Feedback to ACE PEAK and its Affiliates. ACE PEAK may request additional documentation to confirm its ownership of the Feedback, and the Customer agrees to provide such documentation upon request.



  1. Any information or data disclosed in any form by one party (the “Recipient Party”) and received from or on behalf of the other party (the “Disclosing Party”) is considered “Confidential Information.” This includes data or information that is either confidential or proprietary and (i) pertains to the software, information technology, business plans, forecasts, and customer information of the Disclosing Party; or (ii) contains or pertains (including technically to software) to such Confidential Information. Confidential Information does not encompass information that is (i) publicly known or readily accessible through public sources (excluding any breaches of confidentiality hereunder), or (ii) independently developed by the Recipient Party without using or relying on any Confidential Information from the Disclosing Party.
  2. Maintaining Confidentiality: Each party agrees to keep the other party’s Confidential Data confidential. Neither party may disclose or provide the Confidential Data of the other party to any third party, except for their employees, without the written consent of the other party. If applicable laws require the disclosure of Confidential Information, either party may share limited portions of it with governmental regulatory agencies. The party making the disclosure must inform the other party of the request before doing so and make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure confidentiality.
  1. Notification Obligation: If the Recipient Party, its employees, agents, or those subpoenaed in legal proceedings, must disclose Confidential Information (or documents related to such proceedings), the Recipient Party will promptly and fully inform the Disclosing Party of all relevant details. The Recipient Party will exert commercially reasonable efforts, including cooperation with the Disclosing Party, to secure appropriate protective measures or other reliable assurances that the Confidential Data will remain confidential.


ACE PEAK, in conjunction with its Affiliates and licensors, maintains complete rights and ownership of the Services, including all associated intellectual property and proprietary rights. Additionally, third-party software incorporated into the Service is protected by copyright, trade secret, and industrial laws. ACE PEAK holds full rights, titles, and interests in all software, documentation, templates, questionnaires, methodologies, models, charts, reports, and other materials used for Service delivery or made accessible to customers as a result of using the Services (collectively referred to as “Service Items”). This Agreement governs your access to and usage of these materials. ACE PEAK reserves all rights not expressly granted to the Customer in this Agreement.


  1. Non-Exclusive Rights: This Agreement does not exclude any other rights or remedies available to the parties.
  2. No Waiver: The failure of either party to exercise any rights under this Agreement or to waive any breach by the other party shall not be interpreted as a waiver of those rights or any subsequent breaches.
  3. Notice Protocol: All notices, requests, and other communications shall be considered delivered upon receipt, as evidenced by return receipts or delivery records.
  4. Entire Agreement and Amendments: This Agreement represents the entire understanding between ACE PEAK and the Customer, supplanting any previous or contemporaneous oral or written communications, agreements, or understandings about the subject matter. ACE PEAK reserves the right to modify, update, revise, or supplement this Agreement at any time. ACE PEAK may also impose additional terms, conditions, policies, or provisions on your usage. These updates, revisions, modifications, and additional terms (collectively referred to as “Additional Terms”) will take effect immediately and be integrated into the Agreement. Continued use of the Service by the Customer constitutes acceptance of all Additional Terms. This Agreement incorporates all Additional Terms by reference.
  5. Assignment: The Customer cannot transfer this Agreement without the express written consent of ACE PEAK. However, either party may transfer all rights and obligations under this Agreement to any successor in interest, who acquires all or substantially all of its assets or business, without requiring ACE PEAK’s consent. This Agreement is binding on both parties and benefits all permitted successors and assigns.
  6. Independent Contractors: ACE PEAK and the Customer are independent contractors under this Agreement, and no partnership, agency, or similar relationship is established. Each party is responsible for its officers, employees, agents, and actions.
  7. Employee Hiring: Both parties agree not to hire or solicit the hiring of each other’s employees or former employees during the term of this Agreement and for one year thereafter.
  8. Severability.
  9. Headings.
  10. Choice of Law: This Agreement is governed by the laws of Georgia, regardless of any choice of law rules. Any disputes arising from or related to this Agreement fall under the jurisdiction of the Cobb County Federal Courts. The Customer agrees that these courts will be the exclusive venue for dispute resolution.
  11. Force Majeure: In the event of force majeure, the affected party will resume performance as soon as possible.
  12. Anti-Bribery: Each party assures compliance with all applicable anti-bribery laws, regulations, and statutes when executing this Agreement and fulfilling its obligations under it.
  13. Third-Party Code.
  14. Third-Party Websites: ACE PEAK may provide hyperlinks to other websites through the Service. These websites are not endorsed or the responsibility of ACE PEAK. Customers should review the data privacy policies and other terms of use of these websites before using them.
  15. Singular and Plural: References to the singular also include the plural, and vice versa.
  16. PCI DSS Policy: ACE PEAK GENIUS will adhere to all PCI DSS requirements and maintain any cardholder data it has stored or processed on behalf of customers. The Customer acknowledges its responsibility to ensure that call recordings do not capture or contain sensitive authentication information (SAD).


  1. ACE PEAK is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the Customer’s CPNI by applicable laws, rules, and regulations. ACE PEAK may access, use, and disclose the Customer’s CPNI as permitted or required by applicable laws, rules, regulations, or this Agreement.
  2. If the Customer has at least one ACE PEAK representative who can be reached through means other than a call center, and as allowed by applicable law, ACE PEAK may provide the Customer with CPNI (including call details) to authorized customer representatives (as defined below).
  3. ACE PEAK may share CPNI with Authorized Customer Representatives through any method authorized by ACE PEAK, provided it is not prohibited by applicable laws, rules, or regulations.
  4. Customer representatives refer to employees, agents, or contractors of the Customer who have established relationships with ACE PEAK’s customer support, accounts, or other ACE PEAK representatives. They also include any other authorized individuals as per a written notice (including email) sent by the Customer to ACE PEAK. Unless the Customer informs ACE PEAK in writing that they no longer wish to have Authorized Customer Representatives, this authorization will remain in effect. The Customer agrees to allow Authorized Customer Representatives to comply with reasonable authentication and password procedures established by ACE PEAK to facilitate the disclosure of Customer CPNI information.
  5. Notification of authorization or de-authorization from the Customer must be directed to the Customer’s service department or account manager and should include the following details:

– Name, title, email address, postal address, and telephone number of the authorized or deauthorized person.

– Whether the person has been authorized (or is not authorized) to access CPNI.

– The full corporate name of the Customer whose CPNI (and affiliated CPNI, if applicable) the individual can access (or cannot access, as the case may be).

  1. During the term of this Agreement, the Customer may designate, in writing or through other means specified below, up to three representatives (“CPNI Authorizers”) who have the authority to grant access to CPNI to Customer representatives by this Agreement. ACE PEAK will accept written notice from the Customer indicating changes to CPNI Authorizers.


ACE PEAK acknowledges its duty and the Customer’s legal right under federal or state law to protect the Customer’s CPNI, which includes information about the Customer’s telecommunications service purchases from ACE PEAK, as well as local and toll billing information. ACE PEAK may share the Customer’s CPNI and other Confidential Information with its Affiliates, agents, and partners to enable all parties to offer the Customer a comprehensive range of services provided by ACE PEAK. ACE PEAK may use and disclose Customer Confidential Information and CPNI as described above, and the Customer agrees to this. The Customer may notify ACE PEAK in writing if they decline to provide CPNI consent. The Customer’s consent or refusal to consent to CPNI will remain in effect until the Customer informs ACE PEAK otherwise. In either case, ACE PEAK will continue to provide service to the Customer.


ACE PEAK may send promotional emails to customers for marketing, promotional, and engagement purposes related to our products and services. The Customer has consented to receive these email communications. ACE PEAK may utilize Customer Data to send promotional messages. ACE PEAK may also use the data it collects about Customers to determine whether to promote specific products or services to Customers. These communications are intended to enhance customer engagement and maximize the value of ACE PEAK’s services for Customers. ACE PEAK may use customer information to match it with usage data. To opt out of promotional emails, click here.


  1. The free trial offer is available only to new ACE PEAK customers. ACE PEAK reserves the right to cancel, modify, suspend, or terminate a free trial offer without prior notice.
  2. Customers have the option to test our Free Trial Services within seven days of the Effective Start Date.
  3. ACE PEAK reserves the right to deny free trials to customers who do not meet the basic criteria, including but not limited to:
  4. For a free business trial, provide evidence of being a business through a functioning corporate website and a verified corporate email address associated with the corporate domain.
  5. Customers must not have been or currently be ACE PEAK customers to qualify for a free trial.
  6. Customers may purchase local or toll-free numbers for testing, subject to approval, and these numbers can be obtained with a $10 credit.
  7. Customers are not eligible for a monetary credit of $10. ACE PEAK reserves the right to cancel a Free Trial account if it is not used within 5 days.
  8. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that upgrading their Contact Center License (“My Plan”) within the online portal will activate the service on day 8 of the free trial period. The Customer is responsible for and agrees to pay all applicable usage and monthly fees.
  9. ACE PEAK will charge the Customer’s credit card the monthly fees based on the selected plan(s) for each service within the trial period or after exceeding the trial credit.
  10. Charges incurred immediately after the end of the free trial period are non-refundable.
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