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With instant setup, flexible plans, and great rates, get premium quality virtual phone numbers in the USA for calls, SMS, and more, for both personal and business use.

USA Virtual Phone Number

What is virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is a phone number that is not associated with a physical phone line or device. Instead, it is routed through the internet and can ring any phone number or device you choose. This makes virtual numbers a flexible option for businesses, remote workers. And anyone wanting an additional phone line without needing a physical line.

Features Of Virtual Phone Numbers

Get your own virtual phone number to use for business, sales, or privacy. Virtual numbers allow you to keep your personal cell number private while providing a professional business line. Reroute calls to your cell, record conversations, and manage everything online with our easy virtual phone number platform. Virtual phone numbers are the new smart way to manage all your calls.

Call recording

Record incoming and outgoing calls on your virtual number. Useful for quality assurance, training purposes etc.

Call forwarding

Forward calls received on your virtual number to any other number like your mobile or landline. Ensures you never miss an important business call.

Call queuing

Intelligent call routing and queuing to manage high call volumes. Customizable greetings, wait music and routing rules.


Professional voicemail greeting and voicemail-to-email service. Customize greetings for different numbers.

Multiple numbers

Purchase multiple virtual numbers to separate business and personal calls, have dedicated numbers for campaigns etc.


Send and receive text messages on your virtual number. Useful for customer communication and notifications.

Geographic freedom

Get a phone number from any city, region or country regardless of your physical location. Useful for establishing local presence.

Online control panel

Manage all your virtual numbers through an easy online dashboard. Add, delete or configure numbers anytime.

Affordable costs

Virtual numbers cost a fraction of a dedicated business phone line. Predictable pay-as-you-go pricing models.

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