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Dubai Virtual Phone Numbers: Everything You Need to Know

A virtual phone number in Dubai allows you to add a local UAE number to your existing phone system, even if you don’t have a physical presence in the country. Virtual numbers provide an affordable way for businesses to establish a local presence and connect with customers in the UAE. 

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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number works just like a regular phone number. It receives calls and texts like any other number. The key difference is that it’s not tied to a physical phone line.

Virtual numbers are hosted on cloud-based telephony platforms. When someone calls your virtual number, it rings over the internet to your linked devices – cell phones, landlines, softphones etc. This allows you to have a Dubai number regardless of where you are located.

Benefits of a Dubai Virtual Phone Number

There are many advantages to getting a virtual phone number in Dubai:

Local Presence

Local Presence

A local Dubai virtual phone number gives the impression that your business is physically located in the country. This helps build trust and brand affinity with UAE customers.

Keep Personal Number Private

Keep Personal Number Private

You can use the virtual number as your business contact, while keeping your personal number private. This gives you better work-life balance.



Since virtual numbers are cloud-based, you can answer calls to your Dubai virtual phone number while travelling abroad. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

There’s no need to set up call routing or PBX hardware with a virtual number. This significantly reduces costs compared to traditional phone lines.

Separate Business Lines

Separate Business Lines

You can get different virtual numbers for each department or location. This helps segment and track calls more efficiently.

Scale Effortlessly

Scale Effortlessly

It’s easy to add or remove virtual numbers as your business grows or shrinks. The cloud platform scales seamlessly to handle call volumes.

How to Get a Dubai Virtual Phone Number

Getting set up with a Dubai virtual phone number is quick and straightforward:

  • Choose a Provider – Compare providers like AcePeak, Vonage, or LocalPhone to find one that fits your needs and budget.

  • Select Number – Browse available numbers on the provider's website. Pick a memorable or customized number.

  • Configure Features – Add call routing, IVR menus, call recording and other features.

  • Link Devices – Forward calls to your primary phone(s) and set up the mobile app.

  • Start Using – Begin making and receiving calls through your new Dubai virtual phone number!

Most providers offer pay-as-you-go plans with no long-term contracts. You can port an existing number or get a new number allocated quickly.

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Use Cases for Dubai Virtual Phone Numbers

Dubai virtual phone numbers enable several important business use cases:

1. Small Business Office:-A startup or home-based business can establish a professional presence with a local Dubai virtual phone number. This gives customers an easy way to reach you.

2. Multi-National Call Center:-Forward calls from your Dubai virtual number to call centers in multiple countries. Local customers get a consistent experience.

3. Domain Verification:-Many services require phone verification for setting up domains, accounts etc. A Dubai virtual number provides instant verification.

4. Events & Conferences:-Get a temporary virtual number for promoting an event or conference in Dubai. Shut it down easily afterwards.

5. Job Listings & Applications:- Post a Dubai virtual number on job ads and application forms to screen prospects anonymously.

6. Sales & Support Channels:-Route Dubai customer calls to appropriate sales or support agents for better customer service.

7. Part-Time Consultants:-Consultants and freelancers can use a Dubai virtual number as their business line and forward it when active.

The applications are endless!

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Choosing the Right Virtual Number Provider

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  • Reputation & Reviews

    Go with an established provider with positive customer reviews. This ensures reliability and good service.

  • Features

    Look for features like call routing, voicemail, call recording and SMS. The more options available, the better.

  • Cost Structure

    Compare monthly fees, per minute rates, and number costs across providers. Watch out for hidden charges.

  • Number Porting Ability

    Can you port over an existing UAE number or get a new dedicated mobile number?

  • Scalability

    Make sure the provider can easily add and manage multiple numbers as your needs grow.

By evaluating these criteria, you can zero in on the ideal virtual number provider for your Dubai business.

Using Ace Peak for Your Virtual Number

Ace Peak is a top choice for Dubai virtual phone numbers. Here’s why:

Wide Number Coverage

Get virtual numbers from all major UAE area codes like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and more. Local customers recognize these popular codes.

Unlimited Calling

With Ace Peak, enjoy unlimited inbound and outbound calls to UAE fixed lines and mobiles. No per-minute costs or overage fees.

Number Porting

Already have a UAE mobile number? You can port it over to Ace Peak's system in just a few days.

Premium Voice Quality

Calls are crystal clear with Ace Peak's robust network backbone and modern SIP infrastructure.

Dedicated Account Rep

Get help from knowledgeable account reps for any issues with your virtual number or account.

Simple Billing

Ace Peak offers straightforward monthly billing. No surprise charges or complex invoices.

Generous Call Features

Voicemail, call forwarding, SMS, and auto-attendant options provide complete call control.

Trusted Communication Solutions
Trusted Communication Solutions

Here's how to get started:

  • Go to website and click on Sign Up.

  • Select your plan based on the number of virtual numbers and minutes you need. Unlimited plans are also available.

  • Enter your information and checkout with secure payment processing.

  • Choose your desired Dubai number from available local area codes.

  • Configure your call routing preferences and phone apps.

  • Your Dubai virtual number will be ready to use instantly!

With Ace Peak’s reliable virtual phone numbers, you can project a local image in the UAE, separate your business and personal lines, forward calls globally, and expand communication channels – all for an affordable price.

Sign up now to get your Dubai virtual number and take your business to the next level with a footprint in one of the fastest growing markets in the Middle East!


Frequently Asked Question

No, you do not need a business license or trade license to purchase a virtual Dubai number. The numbers can be acquired by any individual or business globally.

Yes, many providers like Ace Peak allow you to receive SMS text messages to your virtual Dubai number, in addition to phone calls. This provides an additional customer touchpoint.

Yes, you can port your current UAE mobile number to a virtual number platform through a process called porting. This lets you retain your existing mobile identity.

It is completely legal for businesses or individuals outside of Dubai to utilize a Dubai virtual number. Providers adhere to local telecom regulations.

Leading providers can set up your new Dubai virtual number within minutes after signing up. You can start making and receiving calls instantly.

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