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What are Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Software?

An automatic call distributor (ACD) is a telephony system that routes and manages incoming calls to available agents. ACD software helps call centers efficiently distribute calls to agents based on configurable rules and algorithms. This improves customer experience by reducing wait times and call abandonment.

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How does ACD Software work?

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Software works by intelligently routing incoming calls to the most appropriate agents or departments in a contact center. It analyzes various factors such as IVR selections, caller ID, agent availability, and skill sets to determine the best match. This ensures that customers are quickly connected to the right agents, improving efficiency and enhancing customer service in call centers and customer support operations.

Features of ACD Software

Some key features and capabilities of ACD software include

Call Routing

Intelligently routes incoming calls to agents based on criteria like agent skills, availability, and time on prior calls. This ensures calls are sent to the most qualified and available agent.

Queue Management

Manages inbound call queues and can play interactive voice prompts to callers waiting in queue. This improves customer experience during hold times.

Agent Management

Enables monitoring agent performance through real-time dashboards and historical reporting. Supervisors can track metrics like call handling times, transfer rates, and sales conversions.

Multichannel Support

Supports omnichannel engagement by routing chats, emails, texts alongside voice calls. This delivers a unified customer experience.

Integration Capabilities

Integrates with leading CRM and workforce management platforms. This enhances data sharing across systems.

Customizable Scripting

Provides customizable interactive voice response (IVR) scripts to engage callers and collect data during call queues.

Real-time Reporting

Offers real-time analytics and dashboards to enable better workforce planning and traffic management.


Cloud-based systems scale to support growing call volumes and agents. On-premises systems can be sized for organization needs.

Here is an overview of leading ACD software solutions on the market

1) Five9

Five9 is a leading cloud contact center provider and offers full-featured ACD capabilities. Key features include:

  • Smart Routing – Uses algorithms to match callers with optimal agents based on skills, experience, and availability.
  • Intelligent Virtual Agents – Provides AI-powered bots to automatically handle common inquiries and self-service tasks.
  • Agent Desktop – Gives agents a customizable desktop to manage calls, chats, CRM data, and knowledge bases.
  • Omnichannel Engagement – Enables managing voice, email, chat, SMS, social media channels from one platform
  • APIs and Integrations – Integrates with leading CRM, HR, and WFM applications. Open APIs enable customization.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Offers more than 100+ historical reports and real-time dashboards to optimize operations.
  • PCI and HIPAA Compliance – Supports security, compliance requirements for payment processing and healthcare.
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2) Genesys

Genesys provides an omnichannel customer experience platform with advanced ACD features. Key capabilities include:

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  • Predictive Routing – Uses AI to anticipate optimal routing and staffing needs based on historical data patterns.
  • Intelligent Workload Management – Balances staff resources across voice, digital, and back-office channels automatically.
  • Scripting and IVR – Enables customized call flow logic through easy-to-use visual scripting tools.
  • Real-time Dashboards – Provides wallboards with real-time views into queue status, agent activities, and other KPIs.
  • Multichannel Reporting – Delivers unified reporting across all interaction channels including voice, email, mobile app, web, social media and more.
  • Integrations – Integrates with leading CRM, WFM, and HR applications through APIs and pre-built connectors.
  • Compliance Features – Helps comply with regulations like PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR when handling sensitive data.
  • On-premises and Cloud – Available as on-premises, public/private cloud, or hybrid deployment options.

3) AcePeak

AcePeak offers a cloud contact center platform with AI-powered routing features. Key capabilities include:

  • Skills-Based Routing – Matches callers with the most qualified agents based on configured skill requirements.
  • Intelligent Queue Management – Uses predictive algorithms to accurately estimate wait times and agent availability.
  • Interaction Analytics – Provides insights into every customer interaction across channels to optimize experiences.
  • Agent Desktop – Equips agents with tools to boost productivity including CRM integration, knowledge base, and more.
  • IVR Builder – Enables easy drag-and-drop creation of IVR menus and advanced call flows.
  • AcePeak AppConnect – Allows integrating best-of-breed apps for recording, analytics, surveys, and more.
  • Omnichannel – Supports seamless management of voice, email, chat, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp.
  • APIs and Webhooks – Allows easy integration into existing environments through open APIs.
  • Security – Dedicated to security and helps customers maintain compliance with regulations.
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4) 8x8

8×8 offers a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and CCaaS solution with built-in ACD capabilities. Key features include:

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  • Advanced Routing Algorithms – Smarter call routing based on agent skills, call data, real-time conditions, and historical analytics.
  • Single Global Architecture – Unified technology architecture across geographically distributed contact centers.
  • Voice, Video, Chat, SMS – Omnichannel engagement through voice, video, web chat, SMS, and messaging apps.
  • Integrated IVR – Comes with multi-level IVR routing menus that can be configured through a visual designer.
  • Real-time Dashboards – Provides wallboards and historical reporting to monitor real-time operations and improve forecasting.
  • Speech Analytics – Leverages speech analytics and natural language processing to contextualize customer intent.
  • Integrations – Comes with 200+ pre-built integrations with leading business apps and allows custom integrations.
  • Global Deployment – Hyperscale public cloud architecture provides ubiquitous worldwide coverage.

5) NICE inContact

NICE inContact provides a feature-rich ACD system as part of its cloud customer experience platform. Key features:

  • Intelligent Routing – Uses predictive behavioral routing to connect callers with top performing agents.
  • Schedule Optimization – Forecasts agent requirements and generates schedules to meet target service levels.
  • Speech Analytics – Analyzes customer call speech to identify trends, compliance risks, QA issues.
  • PCI Compliant – Helps secure payment card data to facilitate PCI compliance.
  • APIs and Integration – Open APIs and connectors simplify integration with other business systems.
  • On-premises Support – Available as on-premises or hybrid deployment to support security requirements.
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6) RingCentral

RingCentral provides a robust and easy to manage ACD system as part of its cloud phone system for businesses. Key features:

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  • Dynamic Call Routing – Intelligently routes calls based on real-time conditions, queued calls, agent skills and availability.
  • Interactive Voice Response – Customizable IVR system to provide callers with menu options and self-service.
  • Real-time Reporting – Wallboards and historical reports provide insights into call volumes, abandon rates, and service levels.
  • Mobile App – Enables call management on-the-go through iOS and Android apps.
  • Global Coverage – Available across 45+ countries and provides toll-free numbers in 100+ countries.

Key Differences Between Major Providers


Deployment Model





AI routing, scalability, extensive features

Higher costs for large centers


On-premises or cloud

Predictive routing, WFM, customization

Complexity, legacy admin UIs



Ease of use, rapid innovation, integration ecosystem. Cost-effective.

Less customizable for large centers



Integrated platform, global coverage, unified admin

More limited IVR capabilities

NICE inContact

Cloud or hybrid

WFM, IVR, compliance capabilities

Upsell required for full functionality



Easy to manage, mobile capabilities, CRM integrations

Less robust omnichannel features

Comparison of DID with extension numbers

Future Trends and Innovation

Future trends and innovation in Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software are poised to revolutionize customer service. AI-driven ACD systems will offer predictive routing, real-time sentiment analysis, and automated agent assistance, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Integration with emerging technologies like chatbots and voice assistants will further reshape the customer support landscape.

Frequently Asked Question

Skills-Based Routing is a feature in call center technology that assigns incoming calls to agents with specific skills or expertise relevant to the caller’s needs. By matching customers with the most qualified agents, it enhances customer satisfaction, reduces call handling times, and improves the overall efficiency of a contact center.

Intelligent Routing in ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Software is a feature that uses data analytics, customer profiles, and contextual information to dynamically match incoming calls or inquiries with the most suitable agents or resources, improving service quality and personalizing customer interactions.

Reporting and analytics features in ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Software include real-time dashboards, call volume tracking, agent performance metrics, call handling times, service level monitoring, customer satisfaction surveys, and historical data analysis. These tools enable data-driven decision-making, performance evaluation, and continuous improvement in call center operations.

Yes, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Software is often compatible with other customer service tools. It offers integrations with CRM systems, ticketing software, workforce management solutions, and communication platforms to streamline operations, enhance data sharing, and provide a comprehensive customer service ecosystem.

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