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What are CC Routes?

CC Routes, or Call Center Routes, refer to specialized telecom routes designed for call centers and customer service operations. These routes prioritize high call quality, low latency, and cost-efficiency for managing large call volumes. 

They ensure seamless communication between call centers and customers, enhancing customer service experiences. CC Routes are essential for businesses aiming to maintain efficient and effective call center operations.

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What are CLI Routes?

CLI Routes, or Caller Line Identification Routes, are telecommunications routes that prioritize delivering calls with accurate caller identification information. These routes ensure that the recipient sees the caller’s phone number or caller ID correctly on their device. 

CLI Routes are valuable for businesses, telemarketing, and customer service, as they enhance transparency, trust, and user experience by displaying genuine caller information, thus improving communication and reducing the likelihood of spam or fraudulent calls.

What are CC CLI Routes?

CC CLI (Country Code Caller Line Identification) routes are an important part of the telecommunications infrastructure that facilitates reliable and cost-effective routing of international and long-distance calls.

CC CLI routes utilize the caller’s phone number, including the country code, to determine the optimal path to route calls. This allows bypassing the traditional transit carriers and enables direct connectivity between the call origin and destination countries.

How CC CLI Routes Work

The technical process behind CC CLI call routing is as follows:

The CLI is critical to the process as it gives visibility into the geographic origin of the call right at the start. The ability to leverage the CLI and route calls directly is what sets CC CLI routing apart.

For example, a call made from a Canada-based number to the UK would have the +1 country code. The CC CLI route table already has an entry to route such calls directly between Canada and the UK carriers.

This allows bypassing North American transit carriers, thereby reducing costs. The call quality also improves due to taking the optimal path.

Benefits of CC CLI Routes

There are several advantages to using CC CLI routes, both for businesses as well as telecom carriers:

  1. Cost Reduction: Bypassing unnecessary transit carriers and taking the most direct route significantly brings down costs for international and long-distance calls.
  2. Improved Call Quality: Optimal call routing results in fewer network hops and higher voice quality. This leads to better customer satisfaction.
  3. Efficient Network Utilization: CC CLI routing maximizes use of existing network capacity without having to build more routes manually.
  4. Increased Flexibility: CC CLI routes can be easily scaled up as international call volumes grow. New routes can also be added to the tables.
  5. Trustworthy CLI: CC CLI eliminates spoofing and ensures authentic identification of caller location, preventing fraud.

For global enterprises, using CC CLI routes translates into millions of dollars in annual savings. For carriers, it unlocks additional network capacity and revenue opportunities.

Trusted Communication Solutions

CC CLI Route Providers

There are a number of telecom companies worldwide offering CC CLI routing services and direct connectivity:

  • BICS

  • Tata Communications

  • Orange

  • AcePeak

  • Verizon

  • Deutsche Telekom

  • Telefonica

Termination Solutions

When evaluating CC CLI route providers, key aspects to consider include:

Affordable VoIP Termination Rates

AcePeak as a CC CLI Route Provider

AcePeak is a leading global CC CLI route provider with a focus on delivering optimal call routing at competitive prices. AcePeak specializes in providing wholesale CC CLI routes to other carriers, ITSPs, mobile operators, and global enterprises. Their versatile platform can intelligently route any volume of voice and SMS traffic.

With real-time monitoring and optimization, AcePeak ensures excellent call quality and completion rates exceeding 99% worldwide. This reliability has earned them a trusted reputation among clients. Unlike some providers who take a one-size-fits-all approach, AcePeak customizes CC CLI routing to each client’s specific traffic patterns and termination needs. Their technology maximizes savings for every destination.

AcePeak stands apart with its stellar 24/7 technical support, on-demand routing options, and ability to switch routes dynamically based on real-time analytics. Their client-centric approach focuses on delivering maximum value.

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Pricing and Packages

CC CLI pricing depends on call volumes and traffic termination points. Providers like AcePeak offer flexible packages tailored to each client’s requirements.

Call Termination

Some example pricing models include:

AcePeak offers very competitive rates starting as low as $0.005 per minute for Europe. Their pricing is transparent with no hidden fees. Detailed real-time analytics helps clients manage costs.

Quality Assurance and Customer Support

Wholesale Termination Rates

Delivering exceptional voice quality and reliability is a top priority for AcePeak. Their private network is continuously monitored and optimized by a dedicated team. Advanced VoIP infrastructure reliably connects calls end-to-end. Real-time redundancy mechanisms ensure calls are instantly re-routed in case of any network issues.

AcePeak utilizes cutting-edge call tracing and diagnostic capabilities. Their technical team promptly resolves any quality complaints and takes steps to avoid recurrences. 24/7 multi-language customer support and service availability in excess of 99.999% ensures problems get rapidly resolved no matter when they occur.

Choosing the Right CC CLI Route Provider

Selecting the optimal CC CLI routing partner requires evaluating various aspects:

1. Network Reach:- Look for extensive coverage with direct connectivity to your most called destinations.

2. Call Quality:-Ensure excellent technical infrastructure for low latency and voice clarity.

3. Completion Rates:-Pick a provider with strong reliability record and redundancy measures.

4. Cost Effectiveness:-Compare pricing models and pick one that maximizes savings.

5. Customer Support:-Availability of 24/7 multilingual technical support is vital.

6. Tools & Control:-Ability to monitor call traffic, modify routes dynamically, customize reports etc.

7. Reputation & Reviews:-Choose an established player with proven expertise and satisfied clients.

Evaluating providers on the above parameters is important to ensure the relationship will be sustainable and help you achieve business goals.


Frequently Asked Question

CC Traffics, or Call Center Traffics, refer to the volume of telephone calls, both inbound and outbound, that are handled by call centers or customer service operations. These traffics encompass customer inquiries, support requests, sales calls, and other interactions. Efficient management of CC Traffics is vital for ensuring effective customer service and business operations.

CC Routes, short for “Call Center Routes,” are telecommunications paths or channels used by call centers to facilitate the routing of inbound and outbound calls. These routes play a critical role in the operation of call centers and customer service organizations, allowing them to efficiently handle large volumes of telephone traffic.

VoIP Routes, short for “Voice over Internet Protocol Routes,” are pathways used to transmit voice calls over the internet using VoIP technology. These routes determine how voice data travels from one point to another, often involving multiple networks and providers. VoIP Routes enable cost-effective and flexible voice communication, making them essential in modern telephony systems and services.

Toll-Free Routes are telecommunications pathways designed specifically for toll-free phone numbers. These routes allow callers to reach businesses or organizations without incurring any charges for the call. Instead, the recipient (business or organization) covers the cost of the call.

Non-CLI (Non-Caller Line Identification) routes are telecommunications pathways that don’t display the caller’s number to the recipient. They’re often used for cost-effective, anonymous, or bulk voice or text communication, making them popular in telemarketing and mass messaging services.

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