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Introduction to Wholesale Call Termination

Wholesale call termination refers to the routing and handover of voice calls from one telecom carrier’s network to the destination network where the call needs to be completed. It enables long distance carriers, ISPs and other businesses to seamlessly terminate international calls on their network by interconnecting with the terminating carrier in the destination country.

Without wholesale termination partners, carriers would be confined to just their own network reach. But leveraging termination services gives them global coverage and completes end-user calls worldwide. Wholesale termination uses extensive mutual agreements between carriers to enable this interconnectivity.

Wholesale Call Termination Providers

sip trunk

Some leading global wholesale call termination providers include:

  • Verizon – A US telecom giant and top international voice carrier.
  • Deutsche Telekom – A dominant player in Europe offering pan-European termination.
  • Orange – Multinational provider present across Europe, Africa and Middle East.
  • AT&T – Major US carrier providing wholesale termination services globally.
  • Tata Communications – Leading India-based international voice termination provider.
  • Acepeak – Emerging wholesale termination provider with presence across Americas, Asia and Europe.

These and many other wholesale termination partners enable voice connectivity between hundreds of telecom networks worldwide.

How Wholesale Call Termination Works

The technical process of wholesale call termination involves:

  • Call Initiation

    The international call is initiated on the originating carrier's network.

  • Signaling

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signaling establishes the call route and parameters.

  • Interconnection

    The call enters the terminating carrier's network through pre-established interconnections.

  • Routing

    The terminating carrier routes the inbound call to the destination based on the number diale

  • Termination

    The call is handed off to the destination carrier for final completion.

The Importance of Quality Termination

Maintaining excellent voice quality is paramount in wholesale termination, as poor quality leads to customer dissatisfaction and reduces competitiveness. Some measures termination partners undertake are:

VoIP Termination
  • Optimizing network routing to minimize latency, jitter, echo or packet loss.
  • Implementing quality safeguards like alternate routing, traffic shaping, and QoS monitoring.
  • Regularly upgrading network infrastructure to support heavy traffic volumes.
  • Establishing comprehensive SLAs for quality parameters like ASR, NER, MOS score etc.

Types of Wholesale Call Termination Services

Wholesale termination providers offer various services for completing calls:

1. International Termination:- For terminating inbound international long distance calls.

2. Local Call Termination:-To terminate local calls via local number portability.

3. SIP Trunking :-IP-based trunking enables connectivity for VoIP platforms and PBX systems.

4.Toll-Free Termination:-Routes inbound calls to toll-free numbers.

5. Mobile Termination:-Completes calls to domestic and international mobile networks.

Choosing the Right Call Termination Partner

Businesses should evaluate wholesale termination providers based on:

Call Quality and Reliability

A strong track record in delivering HD voice services with minimal call drops.

Pricing Structures

Competitive transparent per minute pricing and monthly plans.

Termination Options

Extensive reach across geographies for international and local call termination.

Customer Support

24/7 technical assistance for issues resolution and account management.

Cost Efficiency and Pricing Models

Wholesale termination offers significant cost benefits over standard international calling:

Call Termination
Call Termination

Network Infrastructure and Reliability

Robust network infrastructure is critical for reliable wholesale call termination:

International Termination and Global Reach

Wholesale termination enables completing calls to other countries:

Wholesale Voice Termination

Future Trends and Innovations

Key developments shaping wholesale call termination:

Frequently Asked Question

Wholesale Call Termination involves bulk routing of voice calls between carriers at lower rates, catering to telecom providers. In contrast, Retail Call Termination serves individual end-users with higher-priced call termination services, enabling direct communication for consumers and businesses. The key distinction lies in the target audience and pricing structure.

Wholesale Call Termination rates are determined by several factors, including destination country, call volume, call duration, quality of service (QoS), and negotiated agreements between telecom carriers.

CLI (Calling Line Identification) displays the caller’s phone number to the recipient. It’s essential as it enhances call transparency, allowing users to identify callers, maintain privacy, and ensure security. Accurate CLI is crucial in telecommunications, ensuring accurate caller identification and trust in voice communication.

Selecting a Wholesale Termination provider involves considering factors such as competitive pricing, network coverage, reliable Quality of Service (QoS), responsive customer support, and a reputable track record. Research potential providers, compare their offerings, to make an informed decision aligning with your business needs.

A-Z Termination is a service in the telecommunications industry that provides call routing to destinations worldwide, covering all countries from A to Z. It enables telecom carriers to terminate voice calls globally, offering extensive international reach and connectivity for their customers.

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