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What is Wholesale VoIP?

Before heading to Wholesale VoIP Providers India let’s Understand Wholesale VoIP. Wholesale VoIP refers to selling VoIP services, Wholesale VoIP Minutes, bandwidth, and infrastructure to other businesses at bulk rates. 

A Wholesale VoIP provider manages the VoIP networks, hardware, bandwidth, and other infrastructure. They then provide VoIP services on a white label or private label basis to resellers, who in turn offer VoIP solutions under their own brand to end-user businesses.

For call centers, ITSPs, telecom providers and other businesses, opting for a wholesale VoIP solution offers greater flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency. Wholesale VoIP services allow businesses to leverage the provider’s robust networks and infrastructure without having to invest in their own.

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Understanding Wholesale VoIP Services

Wholesale VoIP providers India as well as Providers of other countries offers a range of white label voice and data services to their reseller clients. Some key wholesale VoIP services include:

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SIP Trunking

The VoIP provider supplies virtual, cloud-based phone lines that can be scaled up or down by the client. This replaces old PRIs or TDM trunks.

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Wholesale Termination

The provider offers outbound call routing and termination services for national or international calls made by the client’s users.

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Hosted PBX Solutions

The provider hosts and manages virtual, cloud-based PBX systems for the client.

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Direct Inward Dial (DID) numbers are provided by the VoIP provider to enable inbound calling.

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Emergency Calling Services

These ensure users can make emergency calls to designated local PSAPs.

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Cloud Contact Center Solutions

The provider offers a complete hosted contact center setup with IVR, call routing, reporting and more.

Choosing the optimal wholesale VoIP provider in India is crucial, as they become responsible for managing and delivering mission-critical communication services for the client’s business. Reliability, quality, pricing, and customer service should be key considerations.

Wholesale VoIP Rates

The Indian Wholesale VoIP Market

India’s wholesale VoIP market has exploded in the last decade, driven by the growth of broadband connectivity and rising corporate demand for IP voice and data services. VoIP penetration in India is currently around 13%, presenting massive headroom for future growth.

The market is intensely competitive, with over 100 active players vying for market share. Some leading wholesale VoIP providers in India include Knowlarity, Exotel, QualityTelecom,, Route Mobile, Net4 India, PurpleTalk, and ATS Voice. Most players have their own in-house telecom infrastructure and offer personalized solutions.

Criteria for Selecting best Wholesale VoIP Providers India

When evaluating wholesale VoIP providers India, businesses should carefully assess some key parameters:

1. Network Reliability and Redundancy:-This is a foremost consideration, as the VoIP provider’s network will support all of the clients’ communications. Look for providers with robust telecom infrastructure, multiple PoPs, in-built redundancies, and 24/7 monitoring.

2. Pricing Structures and Transparency:-Wholesale VoIP rates in India can range from ₹0.005 to ₹0.05 per minute for termination. Compare rates across players and prefer providers who offer transparent pricing without hidden charges.

3. Quality of Service :-Ensure the provider has excellent QoS across parameters like jitter, latency, packet loss etc. This guarantees clear voice quality and uninterrupted connections.

4. Scalability and Customization:-The chosen provider should be able to quickly scale services as per changing business needs. They should also offer customizable solutions for different use cases.

5. Customer Support and Assistance:-Timely technical support, prompt issue resolution and dedicated account management are essential. Evaluate support channels and SLAs.

VoIP Termination

Comparing AcePeak with top 2 Wholesale VoIP Providers of India





Robust cloud-based VoIP network with multiple POPs and redundancies

Strong network infrastructure

Large deployed infrastructure


Starting at Rs. 0.005 per minute with transparent pricing

Competitive pricing but some ambiguity

Relatively higher pricing

Voice Quality

Latency under 50ms, zero packet loss, MOS of 4.2+

Good QoS metrics

Assured voice quality


Highly scalable SIP trunks and call capacity

Scalable solutions

Scalable infrastructure


Solutions tailored for specific use cases

Limited customization capabilities

Customization available


24/7 technical assistance via phone, email, and chat

Decent support systems

Good customer support


Top choice with leading infrastructure, transparent pricing, QoS, scalability, and support

Good option but lacks pricing transparency and customization capabilities

Established player but higher pricing is a disadvantage A Leading Wholesale VoIP Provider is an emerging wholesale VoIP providers India make strong inroads in the Indian market. The companies offers a wide array of VoIP solutions delivered over its robust cloud infrastructure.

Robust Telecom Infrastructure has its own state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure including soft switches, media gateways, SBCs and global VoIP networks. This enables it to deliver high-quality VoIP services. Acepeak also has relationships with leading infrastructure providers like Airtel and BSNL.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing

The company offers very competitive wholesale VoIP pricing starting at Rs. 0.005 per minute. Plans are completely transparent, with no hidden or ambiguous charges. Custom pricing models are also available.

Quality of Service Assurance

By leveraging top-notch telecom infrastructure, Acepeak is able to guarantee QoS with 99.999% availability, less than 50ms latency and zero packet loss. This results in superior voice quality.

Scalable and Customizable Solutions can easily scale SIP trunks and other services as per changing business requirements. Solutions can also be customized based on the client's specific use case and needs.

Reliable Customer Support

The company has a dedicated support team offering 24/7 technical assistance and prompt resolution of issues. Account managers provide regular support.

Comparing Multiple Providers

Here are some other leading wholesale VoIP providers India that could be potential options:

A cloud telephony pioneer, offers comprehensive SIP trunking, cloud contact center, and wholesale voice services. It has strong technical expertise and good infrastructure.


A longstanding player, Knowlarity provides a wide range of enterprise-grade VoIP solutions. It has a large existing client base as testimony to its services.


This newer provider offers customized wholesale VoIP with good technical support and competitive pricing. Reliability is a strong point.

Route Mobile

Route Mobile has a strong focus on delivering high-quality wholesale voice termination services. It leverages relationships with global carriers.

ATS Voice

Providing both VoIP and GSM services, ATS Voice caters well to hybrid telecom requirements. It offers good technical support.

Testimonial’s Range of VoIP Services

As a full-service wholesale VoIP providers India, offers an extensive bouquet of enterprise-grade IP voice and data services delivered over its robust cloud infrastructure:

SIP Trunking

Scalable SIP trunks replace legacy phone lines. Available with both DIDs and toll-free numbers.

Wholesale Termination

Termination of outbound calls via access to global VoIP routes. Per minute rating available.

Hosted PBX Solutions

Fully featured cloud PBX system with virtual extensions, IVR, call routing and more.

International DIDs

Local in-country DIDs from over 50 countries provided to enable global reach.

Call Center Solutions

Comprehensive hosted call center solution including IVR, intelligent call routing, call recording and analytics.

Porting and Migration Support

Seamless porting of existing numbers and migration support from old systems to Acepeak’s VoIP network.

Network Infrastructure and Reliability deploys an end-to-end cloud-based VoIP infrastructure conforming to global standards. Some key elements include:

  • Multiple geographically distributed soft switches and media gateways

  • Redundant call routing with automatic PSTN failover.

  • Multiple upstream VoIP carriers for redundancy.

  • High performance bandwidth from leading providers.

  • 24/7 monitoring and DDOS protection.

This robust infrastructure offers reliability of over 99.999% uptime. Other providers also invest in telecom infrastructure for maximum uptime, low latency and performance assurance.

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Pricing Transparency and Flexibility

  • SIP trunks starting at ₹3500 per month.
  • Wholesale termination from ₹0.005 per minute.
  • Number porting costs of ₹250 per DID.
  • Custom pricing models also available.

Pricing models are designed to be flexible by scaling up or down based on changing requirements. Leading competitors also offer transparent pricing and custom plans.

Scalability and Customization offers simple and quick scaling of SIP trunks, extensions, concurrent calls and other services based on changing business needs. Solutions can also be tailored:

  1. Custom SIP trunk sizing options available.
  2. Flexible call termination packages based on minutes required.
  3. Hostedasdd jfsdjnj j   anef mmm achal gupta lskf  VoIP solutions adapted for specific use cases.
  4. Call center solutions customized based on seats, call volumes and other parameters.
Wholesale VoIP Providers India
Trusted Communication Solutions

Customer Support and Assistance

  • Dedicated account management team for ongoing assistance.
  • 24×7 technical support via phone, email and chat.
  • Swift resolution of issues through automated monitoring.
  • Proactive service reviews and performance reporting.
  • Regular network updates to avoid service issues.

Top competitors also invest significantly in customer service and technical support.

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